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We are a team of experts who are passionate about solving problems, teaching others, and exploring the world of collaboration technology.

Our mission is to transform the education space through technology and offering educators a state of the art collaboration platform.


05/2017 We will launch our most inspiring project: The Entrepreneur Girl Kickstarter campaign. We are creating a series of 10 books that showcase girls that inspire and show every girl that they too can be an 'Entrepreneur Girl'.

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We take your technology goals and train your team to accomplish them.
  • Engineer DNA training
  • Hack-a-thons & bootcamps
  • Customized curriculums
  • Training for design & business
Latest technologies & topics: JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Micro-services, Kubernetes, Docker/Containers, React Native, Progressive web apps, Realtime analytics, etc.

We can get you on the fast track to having a killer engineer team. We offer practical hands on technical training for the latest technologies with courses for the whole tech stack.

We also offer training for non-engineers aimed to empower everyone on your team.

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Campus is a 'state of the art' collaboration platform for experts, educators, & students. Join our early access program and be one of the first to try Campus.

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If you are interested in an early invite to our Campus Platform or have general questions about our trainings, please send an email to We'll get back to you immediately!

You can also give us a direct call at 414-469-1643.

For job inquires, we try to respond to everyone within 7 days.